Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management services

Keep pace with modern workloads and massive data growth

Today’s enterprise is a complex, heterogeneous environment struggling to cope with accelerating data growth and increasing numbers of next-generation workloads. Meeting the demands for protecting the growing numbers of workloads and massive amounts of data requires new technologies and new techniques.

Service highlights

Our services provide the features and capabilities needed to implement advanced management and automation of the business processes dependent on the data moving throughout the IT infrastructure.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid, Dedicated Servers, our role is to guide you and helping you through combinations of solutions that fit you and your vision.

Automation and Monitoring are the two core values that we bring to you when designing a new architecture.

Our services include

  • Audit of your existing architecture, for a better understanding of your situation
  • Analysis of your architecture needs with key figures
  • Analysis of your security needs, which can include PCI DSS compliance
  • Sizing of a new architecture deployment into a hosting solution of your choice or according to our experience taking account of your budget
  • Deployment of a new architecture covering your security requirements and your business growth
  • Server monitoring, with CPU, memory, disk utilization and more than 100 other metrics
  • Bandwith management, with traffic consumption by application, IP, address and other interfaces
  • Network configuration and VPN configuration
  • Firewall configuration, for security and policy maintenance
  • Log analysis, to improve application and data security
  • Optimized storage with intelligent recovery and backups
  • A Big Data ready architecture that empower your company value

In a complex world, your businesses processes should be simple. EleaWave helps enterprises scale their processes efficiently and securely. Are you ready to experience a return on automation?