Email Marketing

Email marketing services

Sending Email Newsletters, Promotional Emails, Shipping Notifications, Password Resets can become a nightmare for your business when the volume is under the radar of the mailbox providers.

All relationships between companies and its customers start with an email.

We empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation.

Service highlights

  • Leverage email marketing campaigns to inform, engage and convert.
  • Use custom marketing workflows to guide customers through a personalized buying journey.
  • Reach your audience with email messages triggered by their interactions with you.
  • Getting your emails delivered to the inbox is our priority.
  • Being your partner in email deliverability.

Our services include

  • Sizing a SMTP architecture that fit your transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and newsletters.
  • Routing strategy through dedicated sending IPs and dedicated domains.
  • Relaying,queueing and throttling emails before sending to their recipients.
  • Authentifying your sending IPs and sending Domains according to the recommandations (SPF, DKIM, DMARC).
  • Managing all types of bounces, from soft-bounce to hard-bounce, bounce classification is key for automated treatment.
  • Monitoring the reputation of your sending IPs and sending domains through the major mailbox providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Designing ideal email templates according to your industry and your campaigns.
  • Building a robust firewall to avoid unvalid emails and spam traps that can ruine your reputation.
  • Integratating FeedBack Loops (FBL) and List-Unsubscribe to reduce complaints ratio from your recipients.
  • Warming-up your dedicated IPs and dedicated domains to build your reputation with ISPs.

See how we can help you deliver better emails and reach your consumers.